The Bram Stoker Society

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The Bram Stoker Society

An organization to encourage the study, appreciation, and presentation of the work of Bram Stoker in his own country, to maintain friendly relations with the Dracula Society and similar organizations on matters of common interest, to facilitate research into the Irish associations of the Stoker family, to advise or promote tourist visits to locales associated with Bram Stoker and other Gothic novelists, to campaign for plaques to be placed on Irish sites associated with the Stoker family, to plan social events (such as lectures, film shows, and discussions) connected with Bram Stoker and related Irish authors, and to press for the establishment of a permanent Bram Stoker Museum in Dublin. The society was founded in 1980 by Leslie Shepard, the current chairman.

In 1983, through the efforts of the society, the Dublin Tour-ist Board erected a plaque at No. 30 Kildare St., Dublin, which was Bram Stoker's first independent address in 1871 after the birthplace at Fairview, Dublin, was sold. The unveiling was performed by Ann Stoker, granddaughter of the novelist; Ivan Stoker-Dixon, Stoker's grandnephew, also attended. In honor of the occasion, the National Library, Kildare Street, Dublin, opened an exhibition of Bram Stoker books and other materials.

The society suspended its independent status in 1986 and reorganized as the Bram Stoker Club of the Philosophical Society, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Since Bram Stoker himself had served as president of the Philosophical Society at Trinity College, the affiliation seemed appropriate and was marked by the inauguration of the Bram Stoker Archives at Trinity College. This exhibition in the Graduates Memorial Building displayed the Leslie Shepard collection of Bram Stoker first editions, autographed material, related literature, and other memorabilia and was open to the general public.

It was intended to be a permanent exhibition, but the Philosophical Society was unable to provide proper security, and after the collection suffered some disorganization, it was withdrawn by Leslie Shepard, pending the availability of a safer permanent venue.

Certain items from Leslie Shepard's collection were subsequently donated to the Dublin Writers Museum on a long-term loan basis, where they may be viewed by the public. The Bram Stoker Society then reemerged as the international body to which the Bram Stoker Club in Trinity College is affiliated. Since 1991 the society has cosponsored the Bram Stoker International Summer School for a weekend each June. The school is held at Clontarf, Dublin, near Stoker's birthplace. The society may be contacted c/o David Lass, Hon. Secretary, Regent House, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland. It publishes a monthly newsletter and annual journal.


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