The Break 1997

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The Break ★★½ A Further Gesture 1997 (R)

Disillusioned IRA gunman Dowd (Rea) breaks out of prison and escapes to New York to find a new life. Instead, he befriends (and falls in love with one of) a group of Guatemalan refugees who plan to kill the dictator who persecuted them. Appalled by their inability, he agrees to help them. This is definitely Rea's film (it's based on an idea of his), mainly because his is the only character that's really fleshed out. Character study of a man who's lost whatever passion he had for the cause but can't give up the life doesn't delve into specific Irish or Guatemalan politics, and loses some impact as a result. 97m/C VHS . Stephen Rea, Rosana Pastor, Brendan Gleeson, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Jorge Sanz, Carolyn Seymour, Sean McGinley, Paul Giamatti; D: Robert Dornhelm, Alfred Molina; W: Ronan Bennett; C: Andrzej Sekula; M: John Keane.