Bonner, John Tyler

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BONNER, John Tyler

BONNER, John Tyler. American, b. 1920. Genres: Biology. Career: George M. Moffett Professor Emeritus, 1990-, Princeton University, New Jersey, (joined faculty, 1947; George M. Moffett Professor, 1966-; Chairman, Dept. of Biology, 1965-77, 1983-84, and 1987-88). Oxford Surveys in Evolutionary Biology, editorial board, 1982-93. Publications: Morphogenesis: An Essay on Development. 1952; Cells and Societies, 1955; The Evolution of Development, 1958; The Cellular Slime Molds, 1959; (ed.) On Growth and Form, by D'Arcy Thompson, abridged ed., 1961; The Ideas of Biology, 1962; Size and Cycle, 1965; The Scale of Nature, 1969; On Development: The Biology of Form, 1974; The Evolution of Culture in Animals, 1980; (with T. A. McMahon) On Size and Life, 1983; The Evolution of Complexity, 1988; Researches on Cellular Slime Molds, 1991; Life Cycles, 1993; Sixty Years of Biology, 1996; First Signals, 2000; Lives of a Biologist, 2002. Address: Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]