Bond, (Thomas) Michael

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BOND, (Thomas) Michael

BOND, (Thomas) Michael. British, b. 1926. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction. Career: Cameraman, BBC Television, London, 1947-66. Director, Paddington and Company (Films) Ltd., London. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: FICTION: A Bear Called Paddington, 1958; More about Paddington, 1959; Paddington Helps Out, 1960; Paddington Abroad, 1961; Paddington at Large, 1962; Paddington Marches On, 1964; Here Comes Thursday, 1966; Paddington at Work, 1966; Paddington Goes to Town, 1968; Thursday Rides Again, 1968; Parsley's Good Deed, 1969; The Story of Parsley's Tail, 1969; Thursday Ahoy!, 1969; Paddington Takes the Air, 1970; Parsley's Last Stand, 1970; Parsley's Problem Present, 1970; Thursday in Paris, 1971; The Tales of Olga da Polga, 1971; Parsley the Lion, 1972; Parsley Parade, 1972; Paddington Bear, 1972; Paddington's Garden, 1972; The Day the Animals Went on Strike, 1972; Olga Meets Her Match, 1973; Paddington at the Circus, 1973; Paddington Goes Shopping, 1973 in US as Paddington's Lucky Day, 1974; Paddington on Top, 1974; Paddington's Blue Peter Story Book, 1974 in US as Paddington Takes to T.V.; Mr. Cram's Magic Bubbles, 1975; Windmill, 1975; Paddington at the Seaside, 1975; Paddington at the Tower, 1975; Olga Carries On, 1976; Paddington at the Station, 1976; Paddington Takes a Bath, 1976; Paddington Goes to the Sales, 1976; Paddington's New Room, 1976; Paddington Does It Himself, 1977; Paddington Hits Out, 1977; Paddington in the Kitchen, 1977; Paddington's Birthday Party, 1977; Paddington's Picture Book (collection), 1978; Paddington Takes the Test, 1979; J.D. Polson and the Liberty Head Dime, 1980; Paddington in Touch, 1980; Paddington and Aunt Lucy, 1980; Paddington Weighs In, 1980; Paddington at Home, 1980; Paddington Goes Out, 1980; J.D. Polson and the Dillogate Affair, 1981; Paddington On Screen: A Second Blue Peter Storybook, 1981; Paddington Has Fun, 1982; Paddington Works Hard, 1982; Olga Takes Charge, 1982; J.D. Polson and the Great Unveiling, 1982; The Caravan Puppets, 1983; Paddington's Storybook, 1983; Paddington on the River, 1983; Paddington and the Knickerbocker Rainbow, 1984; Paddington at the Zoo, 1984; Paddington at the Fair, 1985; Paddington's Painting Exhibition, 1985 in US as Paddington's Art Exhibition, 1986; Paddington at the Palace, 1986; Paddington Minds the House, 1986 in US as Paddington Cleans Up, 1986; Paddington Posts a Letter, 1986 in US as Paddington Mails a Letter, 1986; Paddington's Clock Book, 1986; Paddington at the Airport, 1986; On Four Wheels: Paddington's London, 1986 in US as Paddington's Wheel Book, 1986; Oliver the Greedy Elephant, 1986; Paddington and the Marmalade Maze, 1987; Paddington's Busy Day, 1987; A Mouse Called Thursday, 1988; Paddington's Magical Christmas, 1988; Paddington Meets the Queen, 1991; Paddington Rides On!, 1991; A Day by the Sea, 1992; Paddington at the Seashore, 1992; Paddington Breaks the Peace, 1992; Something Nasty in the Kitchen, 1992; Paddington's Picnic, 1993; Paddington Does the Decorating, 1993; Paddington's Disappearing Trick, 1993; Paddington's Things I Do, 1994; Paddington's Things I Feel, 1994; Bears & Forebears: A Life So Far, 1996; Paddington and the Christmas Surprise, 1997; Paddington at the Carnival, 1998; Paddington Bear All Day, 1998; Paddington Bear and the Busy Bee Carnival, 1998; Paddington Bear Goes to Market, 1998; Paddington Bear: My Scrapbook, 1999; Paddington Bear Goes to the Hospital, 2001; Olga Moves House, 2001; Olga Follows Her Nose, 2002; Paddington Bear in the Garden, 2002; Paddington and the Grand Tour, 2003. PLAYS: The Adventures of a Bear Called Paddington, 1974; Paddington on Stage, 1974; The Herbs (television series), 1970; The Adventures of Parsley (puppet films). OTHER: Herbs Annual, 1969-70; The Parsley Annual, 1971-72; How to Make Flying Things, 1975; Paddington's Loose-End Book: An ABC of Things to Do, 1976; Paddington's Party Book, 1976; The Great Big Paddington Book, 1976; Fun and Games with Paddington, 1977; Paddington's Pop-Up Book, 1977; Paddington's Colouring Books, 4 vols., 1977; Paddington Pastime series, 4 vols., 1977; Paddington's Suitcase, 1983; Paddington's First Puzzle Book, Paddington's Second Puzzle Book, 1987; Paddington's 123, 1990; Paddington's ABC, 1990; Paddington's Opposites, 1990; Paddington's Jar of Jokes, 1992; Paddington Book and Bear Box, 1993. FOR ADULTS: NOVELS: Monsieur Pamplemousse, 1984; Monsieur Pamplemousse and the Secret Mission, 1984; Monsieur Pamplemousse on the Spot, 1986; Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Cure, 1987; Monsieur Pamplemousse Aloft, 1989; Monsieur Pamplemousse Investigates, 1990; Monsieur Pamplemousse Rests His Case, 1991; Monsieur Pamplemousse on Location, 1992; Monsieur Pamplemousse Stands Firm, 1992; Monsieur Pamplemousse Takes the Train, 1993; Monsieur Pamplemousse Afloat, 1998; Monsieur Pamplemousse on Probation, 2000; Monsieur Pamplemousse on acation, 2002; Monsieur Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines, 2003. OTHER: The Pleasures of Paris, 1987; The Life and Times of Paddington Bear, 1988. Address: c/o The Agency, 24-31 Pottery Ln, London W11 4L7, England.