The Bible and Gun Club

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The Bible and Gun Club ★★ 1996

Foul-mouthed look at the wasted lives of five middle age traveling salesmen who sell, you guessed it, bibles and guns. There's a turf war between the Anaheim, CA and the Las Vegas branches of the club, there's a sales convention, the salesmen try to sell their goods to the reallife denizens of a poor trailer park, there's a porn shoot. There's a number of shootouts and to say the least, the salesmen are not politically correct—they're racist, sexist losers. It's depressing and disturbing and highlighted by some spoton acting. Harris' debut feature. 87m/B VHS . Andy Kallok, Don Yanan, Julian Ott, Al Schuerman, Robert Blumenthal; D: Daniel J. Harris; W: Daniel J. Harris; C: Alex Vendler; M: Shawn Patterson.