The Big Broadcast of 1938

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The Big Broadcast of 1938 ★½ 1938

Fields is the owner of an ocean liner which he enters in a race. Supposedly, the ship can convert the electricity from radio broadcasts into power for the propellers. No, it doesn't make sense, as it's just an excuse for various radio stars to show off their routines in the ship's entertainment room. Hope, in his first feature, gets to sing his Oscarwinning signature tune “Thanks for the Memories.” 94m/ B VHS, DVD . W.C. Fields, Martha Raye, Dorothy Lamour, Shirley Ross, Russell Hicks, Bob Hope, Ben Blue, Leif Erickson; D: Mitchell Leisen; W: Walter DeLeon, Francis Martin; C: Harry Fischbeck; M: Boris Morros, Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin. Oscars '38: Song (“Thanks for the Memories”).