The Big Bounce 1969

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The Big Bounce ★★ 1969 (R)

First adaptation of Elmore Leonard's first crime novel after years of westerns is also Ryan O'Neal's first shot at leading man status. O'Neal shows his inexperience as well as glimpes of the boxoffice star he would become as Jack Ryan (not the CIA guy), a drifter who gets mixed up with dangerous woman Nancy (TaylorYoung, also very early in her career) and her plot to swindle her married lover, who happens to be his boss. Doesn't have the spark of Leonard's later crime capers, and the flat direction, disappointing finale, and overwhelming music don't help. But the obvious chemistry between O'Neal and TaylorYoung heats up the screen. 102m/C DVD . Ryan O'Neal, Leigh TaylorYoung, Van Heflin, Lee Grant, James Daly, Robert Webber, Cynthia Eilbacher, Noam Pitlik; D: Alex March; W: Robert Dozier; C: Howard Schwartz; M: Michael Curb.