The Big Bounce 2004

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The Big Bounce ★★ 2004 (PG-13)

Second adaptation of Elmore Leonard's first crime novel. Owen Wilson plays Jack Ryan, a small time hood who gets mixed up with Ray Ritchie, a crooked developer. Meanwhile, Ritchie's mistress Nancy (Foster) wants Ryan to steal $200,000 from Ritchie. Of course, doublecrosses and deceptions ensue. Tends to meander about and lose focus, but it's somewhat enjoyable if you don't think too hard. Disappointing, considering the solid cast and the source material. 89m/C DVD . US Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman, Gary Sinise, Vinnie Jones, Sara Foster, Willie Nelson, Bebe Neuwirth, Charlie Sheen, Harry Dean Stanton, Andrew Wilson, Steve Jones, Anahit Minasyan; D: George Armitage; W: Sebastian Gutierrez; C: Jeffrey L. Kimball; M: George S. Clinton.