The Best Man 1997

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The Best Man ★★½ Il Testimone dello Sposo 1997 (PG)

It's 1899 in a small northern Italian town and beautiful Francesca (Sastre) must marry the lascivious older Edgardo Osti (Cantarelli) in order to solve her father's business problems. Francesca is revolted but does become smitten by the best man—Angelo (Abatantuono), who's returned from America, apparently with a fortune. Marriage or no, Francesca becomes obsessed with getting Angelo. Italian with subtitles. 99m/C VHS, DVD . IT Ines Sastre, Diego Abatantuono, Dario Cantarelli, Valeria (Valerie Dobson) D'Obici, Mario Erpichini; D: Pupi Avati; W: Pupi Avati; C: Pasquale Rachini; M: Riz Ortolani.