The Beloved Rogue

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The Beloved Rogue ★★★ 1927

Crosland—who gained a reputation for innovation, having directed “Don Juan” the previous year (noted for the debut of synchronized music), and “The Jazz Singer” the following year (noted for the first talkie bits)—mounted this welldesigned and special effectladen medieval costumer. Barrymore is in high profile as a swashbuckling caricature of French poet Francois Villon, who battles mightily (and verbally) with Louis XI (played by Veidt, in his first US film). Marked by the excesses typical of Barrymore's prestige days, it flouts history, taking generous poetic license when the facts ain't fab enough. In short, it's great entertainment. 110m/B VHS, DVD . John Barrymore, Conrad Veidt, Marceline Day, Henry Victor, Mack Swain, Slim Summerville; D: Alan Crosland.

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The Beloved Rogue

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