Barrow, John D(avid)

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BARROW, John D(avid)

BARROW, John D(avid). British, b. 1952. Genres: Astronomy. Career: University of Sussex, Brighton, professor of astronomy, director of the Astronomy Centre, 1981-99, professor of mathematical sciences and director of Millennium Mathematics Project, 1999-. Publications: (with J. Silk) The Left Hand of Creation: The Origin and Evolution of the Expanding Universe, 1983, 2nd ed., 1994; (with F. Tipler) L'Homme et le Cosmos, 1984; (with F. Tipler) The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, 1986; The World within the World, 1988; Theories of Everything, 1991; Pi in the Sky 1992; Perche il mondo e matematico?, 1992; The Origin of the Universe, 1994; The Artful Universe, 1995; Impossibility, 1998; Between Inner Space and Outer Space, 1999; The Universe that Discovered Itself, 2000; The Book of Nothing, 2000; Infinities, 2002; The Constants of Nature, 2002. Address: Dept of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University, Wilberforce Rd, Cambridge CB3 0WA, England. On-line address: [email protected]

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Barrow, John D(avid)

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