Bang Rajan

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Bang Rajan ★★★½ 2000

Kind of a Thai version of the Alamo. The small village of Bang Rajan, circa 1765, finds itself geographically in the path of a very angry Burmese army on their way to the warring city of Ayudhay. With no outside help, the community must band together in hopes of protecting their land. One of the country's most legendary battles, told with Hollywoodlike epic production helped the film become Thailand's biggest box office hit ever. Oneupping “Braveheart,” the film arguably contains the most violent images of warfare to date. Fan Oliver Stone helped secure U.S. release. 119m/C DVD . TH Winai Kraibutr, Bin Bunluerit, Chumphorn Thepphithak, Jaran Ngamdee, Suntharee Mailaor; D: Thanit Jitnukul; W: Thanit Jitnukul, Kongkiat Khomsiri, Bunthin Thuaykaew, Patikarn Phejmunee, Suttipong Muttanavee; C: Wichian Ruangwijchayakul; M: Chartachai Phongpraphaphan.