Baneth (Benet, Paneth), Ezekiel ben Jacob

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BANETH (Benet, Paneth), EZEKIEL BEN JACOB (1773–1854), rabbi, born in Alt-Ofen (Budapest), Hungary. In 1810 Ezekiel was appointed rabbi of Szecseny. He became rabbi of *Paks in 1825 and subsequently of *Balassagyarmat, and from 1847 officiated at Nyitra. He corresponded on halakhic matters with Moses Sofer, Judah Aszód, and other rabbis. His yeshivah was attended by pupils from various parts of the country. One of his most talented students was his youngest son Jerachmeel Bernhard (1815–1871), rabbi of Liptoszentmiklos (Liptovsky Svaty Mikulas). Ezekiel was also an eloquent preacher. Recognized by his contemporaries as a halakhic authority, he left no written work, having destroyed his commentary on the Tosefta before his death. His grandson was Eduard Ezekiel *Baneth.


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