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BANET (Baneth, Benet, Panet, Benedict, Binet, Bineter ), family of Moravian rabbis and scholars. Its first known member, mordecai ben yom tov, approved a maḥzor following the Polish ritual in Nikolsburg (Mikulov) in 1716. aber (Aberl; d. 1758), possibly Mordecai's son, was dayyan in Nikolsburg. A responsum (Noda bi-Yhudah, Mahadurah TinyanaḤm no. 12) was addressed by Ezekiel *Landau to johanan banet, a dayyan in Alt-Ofen (Budapest). Johanan's son jacob (d. 1812) was dayyan in Alt-Ofen. One of Jacob's four sons was Ezekiel b. Jacob *Baneth. fradl, a daughter of Aber, married Abraham Bia of Csurgo (Hungary). Their son Mordecai *Banet, who took his mother's family name, became head of the Nikolsburg branch of the family. In the 19th and 20th centuries members of the family distinguished themselves in various fields of modern Jewish scholarship.


ej, 4 (1929), s.v.Benet (with genealogy).

[Heinrich Haim Brody]