Alligator Eyes

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Alligator Eyes ★★½ 1990 (R)

Stranger wearing trouble like a cheap perfume enters the midst of a vacationing trio of New Yorkers. Their vulnerabilities are exposed by a young hitchhiker sporting a slinky polka dot ensemble and way cool sunglasses who insinuates herself into their vacation plans (not to mention their private lives), before the three realize she's blind and full of manipulative and vindictive tricks, thanks to the usual brutal childhood. Psycho-sexo-logical thriller has some fine performances and a promising beginning, before fizzling into celluloid cotton candy. 101m/C VHS . Annabelle Larsen, Roger Kabler, Mary McLain, Allen McCullough, John MacKay; D: John Feldman; W: John Feldman; M: Sheila Silver.

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Alligator Eyes

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