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1408 ★★ ½ 2007 (PG-13)

Professional skeptic Mike Enslin (Cusack) specializes in debunking haunted houses and other paranormal spots in his bestselling books. His next target is room 1408 at Manhattan's Dolphin Hotel, despite the warnings of manager Gerald Olin (Jackson) that it's just plain evil. The room preys on an occupant's deepest, darkest fears and since Mike is grieving the death of his young daughter Katie (Anthony), should he be surprised when she shows up? Creepiness builds effectively. Adapted from a Stephen King short story. 94m/C DVD . US John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack, Jasmine Jessica Anthony; D: Mikael Hafstrom; W: Matt Greenberg, Scott M. Alexander, Larry Karaszewski; C: Benoit Delhomme; M: Gabriel Yared.

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