12 Monkeys

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12 Monkeys ★★★ 1995 (R)

Forty years after a plague wipes out 99 percent of the human population and sends the survivors underground, scientists send prisoner James Cole (Willis) to the 1990s to investigate the connection between the virus and seriously deranged fanatic Jeffrey Goines (Pitt), whose father happens to be a renowned virologist. Director Gilliam's demented vision is a bit tougher and less capricious than usual, and the convoluted plot and accumulated detail require a keen attention span, but as each piece of the puzzle falls into place the story becomes a fascinating scifi spectacle. Pitt drops the prettyboy image with a nut zoid performance that'll make revelers stop swooning in a heartbeat. Inspired by the 1962 French short “La Jetee.” 131m/C VHS, DVD, HD DVD . Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer, David Morse, Frank Gorshin, Jon Seda; D: Terry Gilliam; W: David Peoples, Janet Peoples; C: Roger Pratt; M: Paul Buckmaster. Golden Globes ‘96: Support. Actor (Pitt).