Wilson, Anne Glenny (1848–1930)

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Wilson, Anne Glenny (1848–1930)

Australian romance writer and poet. Name variations: Lady Anne Glenny Wilson. Born in 1848 in Greenvale, Queensland, Australia; died in 1930; educated in Melbourne, Australia; married a sheep farmer, in 1874.

Selected writings:

Themes and Variations (1889); Alice Lander, A Sketch (1893); Two Summers (1900); A Book of Verses (1917).

Anne Glenny Wilson, a poet and author of romance novels, was born in 1848 in Greenvale, a town in the state of Queensland in the northeastern corner of Australia, and educated in Melbourne, capital city of the state of Victoria. At age 26, she married a sheep farmer and moved to New Zealand. In the 1890s, Wilson began writing stories and poems which were published in literary journals throughout Australia and New Zealand. Her first long work, a collection of poetry, was followed by two novels, then a second volume of poems. Her novels were romantic tales with conventional situations and language, but they were distinctive in the incorporation of her arguments favoring women's independence. One volume of her verse was used as a textbook in New Zealand schools for a number of years.

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Wilson, Anne Glenny (1848–1930)

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