Wilson, (Sir) David M(ackenzie)

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WILSON, (Sir) David M(ackenzie)

WILSON, (Sir) David M(ackenzie). British, b. 1931. Genres: Archaeology/ Antiquities, Art/Art history, Crafts, History. Career: Asst Keeper, 1954-64, and Director, 1977-92, British Museum, London. Reader, 1964-71, and Professor of Medieval Archaeology, 1971-76, University of London, and Jt. Head of Dept of Scandinavian Studies, University College, London, 1973- 76. President, British Archaeological Assn, 1962-68, and Viking Society, 1968-70. Publications: The Anglo-Saxons, 1960, 3rd ed., 1981; Anglo- Saxon Medalwork 700-1100 in the British Musuem, 1964; (with O. Klindt- Jensen) Viking Art, 1966 (with G. Bersu) Three Viking Graves in the Isle of Man, 1969; The Vikings and Their Origins, 1970, 1980; (with P.G. Foote) The Viking Achievement, 1970; (co-author) St. Ninian's Isle and Its Treasure, 1975; The Viking Age in the Isle of Man, 1974; Civil and Military Engineering in Viking Age Scandinavia, 1978; The Forgotten Collector 1984; Anglo- Saxon Art, 1984; The Bayeux Tapestry, 1985; The British Museum: Purpose and Politics, 1990; Awful Ends, The British Museum Book of Epitaphs, 1992; Showing the Flag, 1992; Vikingetidens Konst, 1995; Gods and Heroes: The Vikings in European Art, 1997; The British Museum: A History, 2002. EDITOR: Anglo-Saxon Archaeology, 1976; The Northern World, 1980. Address: The Lifeboat House, Castletown, Isle of Man 1M9 1LD, England.

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Wilson, (Sir) David M(ackenzie)

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