Tamar (fl. 1000 BCE)

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Tamar (fl. 1000 bce)

Biblical woman. Flourished around 1000 bce; daughter of King David and Maacah; sister of Absalom.

Tamar, who flourished around 1000 bce, was the daughter of Maacah and King David. Amnon, David's eldest son by another wife, Ahinoam of Jezreel , was infatuated with Tamar, his beautiful half-sister, and schemed to be alone with her. He then raped her. Although furious, the king would not take retribution against his oldest son, but Tamar's brother Absalom was intent on revenge. After biding his time, he lured Amnon to a party and murdered him while Amnon was drunk. Absalom fled, but eventually David's general, Joab, persuaded David to let him return to Jerusalem. Absalom's gratitude was less them complete, however, for he soon rebelled against his father, declared himself king of Israel, and traveled around the country gathering recruits for a march on Jerusalem.

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