Tamarón y Romeral, Pedro (c. 1695–1768)

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Tamarón y Romeral, Pedro (c. 1695–1768)

Pedro Tamarón y Romeral (b. ca. 1695; d. 21 December 1768), bishop in colonial Mexico. Tamarón was born in Villa de la Guardia, in the archdiocese of Toledo, but nothing more is known of him until 1719, when he was in Caracas with Bishop Juan José de Escalona y Calatayud. In 1758 he became bishop of Durango in Mexico. Besides some religious tracts, he wrote a long description of his bishopric (1765), based on firsthand knowledge of practically every settlement of the diocese. Because of the amount of detailed information it contains, it is one of the principal sources for colonial Nueva Vizcaya. Tamarón died in Bamos, Sinaloa, while on the first leg of a general pastoral visit.

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Pedro Tamarón y Romeral, Demostración del vastísimo obispado de la Nueva Vizcaya (1765; repr. 1937, 1958).

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