Maacah (fl. 1000 BCE)

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Maacah (fl. 1000 bce)

Canaanite princess . Name variations: Maachah. Flourished around 1000 bce; daughter of Talmai, the king of Geshur (a nation northeast of the Sea of Galilee); one of the wives of David, Israelite king (r. 1010–970 bce); children: son, Absalom; daughter, Tamar.

The daughter of the King of Geshur and one of the wives of David, Maacah had at least one daughter, Tamar , and three sons, the last of whom was Absalom. All her children were born during David's early reign over Judah at Hebron. David had many other wives, including Michal (who was Saul's daughter and David's first wife), Ahinoam of Jezreel, Abigail, Abishag of Shunem, Bathsheba (widow of Uriah and mother of Solomon), Abital and Elah.

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