Sophia Matilda (1777–1848)

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Sophia Matilda (1777–1848)

Princess royal of England. Name variations: Princess Sophia, Sophia Guelph. Born Sophia Matilda on November 3, 1777, at Buckingham House, London, England; died on May 27, 1848, at Kensington, London, England; daughter of George III (1738–1820), king of England (r. 1760–1820), and Charlotte of Mecklen-burg-Strelitz (1744–1818); sister of George IV (1762–1821), king of England (r. 1820–1830); children: (with General Thomas Garth) Thomas Garth (b. 1800).

Princess Sophia Matilda was born in 1777, the daughter of George III, king of England, and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz . In a family plagued by scandals, Sophia had a child fathered by an unknown man—gossipmongers hatefully spread the name of her brother Ernest Augustus, the duke of Cumberland. Her father, who was having his own mental problems, had been told that his expanding daughter with the testy temperament had dropsy. The king found it miraculous when she reappeared one day, back to her former self, and maintained she had been healed by consuming beef.

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Sophia Matilda (1777–1848)

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