Soper, Tony

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SOPER, Tony. British, b. 1929. Genres: Natural history. Career: Freelance film maker, and contributor to BBC Natural History Unit programmes; writer, lecturer. Publications: The Bird Table Book, 1965; (with C. Gill and F. Booker) The Wreck of the Torrey Canyon, 1967; (with J. Sparks) Penguins, 1967; (with J. Sparks) Owls, 1970; The Shell Book of Beachcombing, 1972; The New Bird Table Book, 1973; Wildlife Begins at Home, 1975; Everyday Birds, 1976; Beside the Sea, 1978; Birdwatch, 1982; Discovering Birds, 1983; The National Trust Guide to the Coast, 1984; Discovering Animals, 1985; Go Birding, 1988; A Passion for Birds, 1988; Birds in Your Garden, 1989; Oceans of Birds, 1989; Feed the Birds, 1991; Antarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife, 1994; The Arctic: A Guide to Coastal Wildlife, 2001; British Isles: Wildlife of Coastal Waters, 2002. Address: Gerston Point, Kings- bridge, Devon TQ7 3BA, England. Online address: [email protected]