Marie Adelaide of Savoy (1685–1712)

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Marie Adelaide of Savoy (1685–1712)

Duchess of Burgundy . Name variations: Marie Adélaïde; Marie-Adelaide of Savoy; Maria Adelaide, Duchesse de Bourgogne. Born on December 6, 1685; died on February 12, 1712; daughter of Anne-Marie d'Bourbon-Orleans (1669–1728) and Victor Amadeus II (1666–1732), duke of Savoy (r. 1675–1713), king of Sicily (r. 1713–1718) and Sardinia (r. 1718–1730); married Louis (1682–1712), duke of Burgundy (grandson of Louis XIV), on December 7, 1697; children: Louis Bourbon (1704–1705), duke of Brittany; Louis XV (1710–1774), king of France (r. 1715–1774).

Marie Adelaide of Savoy was born in 1685, the daughter of Anne-Marie d'Bourbon-Orleans and Victor Amadeus II, duke of Savoy, king of Sicily and Sardinia. In 1697, in a silver dress dotted with rubies and a 25-foot-long train, 12-year-old Marie Adelaide married Duke Louis of Burgundy, grandson of Louis XIV. She became one of King Louis XIV's favorites and was extremely popular at court.

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