Marie Adelaide of Austria (1822–1855)

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Marie Adelaide of Austria (1822–1855)

Queen of Sardinia and Italy . Name variations: Adelaide of Austria; Maria Adelaide di Asburgo-Lorena. Born on June 3, 1822; died on January 20, 1855; daughter of Rainer, archduke of Austria, and Elizabeth of Savoy-Carignan; married Victor Emmanuel II, king of Italy (r. 1849–1878), on April 12, 1842; children: Carlo Alberto also known as Charles Albert; Oddone Eugenio; Maria Pia (1847–1911, who married the king of Portugal); Clotilde of Savoy (1843–1911); Amadeus (b. 1845), king of Spain (r. 1870–1873); Humbert I also known as Umberto I (1844–1900), king of Italy (r. 1878–1900, assassinated); Vittorio Emanuele also known as Victor Emmanuel (b. 1855).

Born in Milan on June 3, 1822, Marie Adelaide of Austria was the daughter of Archduke Rainer and Elizabeth of Savoy-Carignan . She married her cousin Victor Emmanuel II, the duke of Savoy and later king of Italy, on April 12, 1842. Tall and attractive, Marie Adelaide won respect as a pious, charitable woman known for her kindliness to the poor and for raising her family in a simple, circumspect manner. She died on January 20, 1855, a few days after giving birth to her son Victor Emmanuel.


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Kendall W. Brown , Professor of History, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah