Marguerite de Bressieux (d. 1450)

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Marguerite de Bressieux (d. 1450)

French noble and warrior. Died in 1450 in France.

Marguerite de Bressieux was a French noble- woman who took a bloody revenge on her enemies. She and several other noblewomen living in her father's castle were raped by the soldiers of Louis de Chalons when they invaded the castle. Marguerite and the other victims clad themselves in black and covered their faces, then joined the battle against Louis. The women proved to be excellent fighters and pitiless foes in exacting their revenge on Louis' men; supposedly, they even revealed their faces to their attackers as they killed them. Their leader Marguerite was mortally wounded in the battle and died soon after; she was celebrated for her bravery.

Laura York , Riverside, California

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