Mancini, Marie-Anne (1649–1714)

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Mancini, Marie-Anne (1649–1714)

Duchess de Bouillon . Born in 1649; died in 1714; fifth daughter of Laurent also seen as Lorenzo Mancini and the sister (maiden name Mazarini or Mazarino) of Cardinal Jules Mazarin (chief minister to the young

Louis XIV); sister of Olympia Mancini (c. 1639–1708), Marie Mancini (1640–1715), Hortense Mancini (1646–1699), Laure Mancini (1635–1657); cousin of Anne-Marie Martinozzi (1637–1672) and Laura Martinozzi ; married Godfrey Maurice de la Tour, duke of Bouillon (a gallant soldier), in 1662.

Marie-Anne Mancini was renowned for her literary salon and patronage of La Fontaine, but she was accused of being involved with Catherine Deshayes (La Voisin) in the cause célèbre of the day, the "Affair of the Poisons," and was banished from France in 1680. Her innocence was later proven.

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