Manco Inca (c. 1516–1545)

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Manco Inca (c. 1516–1545)

Manco Inca (b. ca. 1516; d. 1545), Inca emperor during the early colonial period (reigned 1533–1545). Manco Inca was one of the sons of the emperor Huayna Capac. After the deaths of his brothers Atahualpa, Huascar, and the first Spanish puppet Inca, another brother named Topa Huallpa, Manco Inca was chosen by the Spanish conquistadores to rule as Inca emperor under their control. Crowned in 1533, he was treated badly by the Spanish, who abused him and his family and publicly insulted them. As a result, in 1536 he rebelled and fled with a large group of followers into the montaña region of eastern Peru, where he formed the rump state Vilcabamba. Leading a vigorous resistance to the Conquest, he was killed by the Spanish.

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