Fornia, Rita (1878–1922)

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Fornia, Rita (1878–1922)

American mezzo-soprano, particularly known for her secondary roles at the Metropolitan Opera. Born Regina Newman in San Francisco, California, on July 17, 1878; died in Paris, France, on October 27, 1922.

Rita Fornia has been called a "useful and adaptable artist." From 1907 to 1922, she appeared at the Metropolitan Opera, often in secondary roles. Trained by Emil Fischer, Sofia Scalchi, Selma Nicklass-Kempner , and Jean de Reszke, Fornia was a coloratura soprano. In 1901, she made her debut in Hamburg, then joined Henry Savage's Opera Company in America. In 1907, she made her debut at the Met and remained there for most of her career.

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