De Reszke, Jean

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De Reszke, Jean [ Mieczyslaw, Jan] (b Warsaw, 1850; d Nice, 1925). Polish tenor, brother of Édouard de Reszke. Début (as bar. and as Giovanni di Reschi), Turin and London 1874 (singing Alfonso in La Favorite). His brother persuaded him he was really a ten. and after further study from 1876 he sang Robert le Diable in Madrid 1879. After 5 fallow years he had a great success in Massenet's Hérodiade (Paris, 1884) and Le Cid (1885). Sang Faust at 500th Paris perf. in 1887 (with Édouard as Mephistopheles). London début as ten. 1887; CG 1888, returning nearly every year until 1900. Amer. début Chicago 1891; NY Met 1891–1901. Late in career sang Wagner roles of Walther, Tristan, and Siegfried. Retired 1902, and taught in Paris and Nice. Regarded as one of greatest operatic tens.

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