Fornaroli, Cia (1888–1954)

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Fornaroli, Cia (1888–1954)

Italian ballet dancer and choreographer. Born Oct 16, 1888, in Milan, Italy; died Aug 16, 1954, in New York, NY; m. Walter Toscanini.

Performed as a child at Teatro alla Scala in Milan; joined ballet company of Metropolitan Opera in NY where she danced for 4 seasons (1910–14); danced as prima ballerina at Teatro Principale in Barcelona (1914–16), while also appearing at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires; returned to La Scala soon after where she remained until 1933; worked on Italian films including L'Anello di Pierro (1917), Nanà (1918), Il Castello del Diavolo (1919), and the 5-part serial I Setti Pecatti Capitali (1919–20); directed own company in San Remo, for which she choreographed numerous works of her own; moved to New York City where she taught classes at dance studios (1943–50) and held tenure as company teacher of Ballet Theater; held large collection of 18th- and 19th-century ballet libretti and materials which were donated to dance collection at New York Public Library upon her death (1954). Choreographed works including I Carillion Magico (1919), Thais (1920), Nerone (1924), Vecchia Milano (1928), Pantea (1932) and Vesuvio (1933).

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