Farrenc, Louise (1804–1875)

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Farrenc, Louise (1804–1875)

French concert pianist, composer, teacher, and scholar. Born Jean-Louise Dumont in Paris, France, on May 31, 1804; died in Paris, on September 15, 1875; married Aristide Farrenc (a music publisher).

Louise Farrenc studied with the noted composer Anton Reicha. For over 30 years (1842–73), she was the only woman piano teacher at the Paris Conservatoire and the only woman to hold a post of this rank in the 19th century. Her husband Aristide Farrenc was a music publisher whose compilation of piano music, Trésor des Pianistes, was a valuable source of information for performers. After his death in 1865, she continued this project. Her editions of keyboard music from the 16th to the 19th century were of high quality. Farrenc's compositions include three symphonies and a piano concerto. Her piano compositions were praised by Robert Schumann, and modern commentators find her etudes to be full of imaginative touches.

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