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Emma of Werden (d. around 1050)

Saint. Died around 1050; daughter of Adela and an unknown father; sister of Meinwerk, bishop of Pader-born; married Count Ludger (d. around 1010); children: son, Imad (also bishop of Paderborn).

Emma of Werden is reported to have been temperamental and violent in her early years. She was descended from Widukind, whose defeat and subsequent baptism were celebrated by the order of Pope Hadrian I (r. 772–795). After her husband Count Ludger died around 1010, Emma spent the next 40 years doing good works. She used her enormous fortune to improve the lives of the poor and to construct churches in the diocese of Bremen. She died around 1050. When her tomb was opened in later years, Emma's body was found to be reduced to dust except for her right hand which was intact. It was taken to the church of the abbey of St. Ludger at Werden to be kept there. Her feast day is April 19.

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Emma of Werden (d. around 1050)

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