Aubert, Constance (1803–?)

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Aubert, Constance (1803–?)

French journalist and novelist who wrote for and edited several French fashion journals, and collaborated with her mother on novels. Born in 1803 in France; daughter of Laure d'Abrantès (1784–1838, a novelist and biographer) and General Junot.

Constance Aubert's mother, Laure d'Abrantès , who had grown up a family friend of the Bonapartes, turned to writing only when her alcoholic husband killed himself and she was left to support herself and her daughter. In her adulthood, Constance Aubert collaborated with her mother on several novels, but she is best known for her journalism. She worked as a fashion columnist for Le Temps, as a contributor for Journal des Dames (Ladies Journal), and as an editor for several fashion and style publications, including Les Abeilles parisiennes (The Bees of Paris). Neither Aubert nor her mother achieved enough success to prevent d'Abrantès' 1838 death in conditions of extreme poverty. It was not until 1859 that Aubert published her book Manuel d'économie élégante (Handbook of Economy and Style).

Aubert was one of many French intellectual women who turned to journalism when their gender barred them from other outlets. The resulting feminist perspective is apparent in Aubert's contributions to Journal des Femmes (The Women's Journal), which was initially established and run only by women, in part a reaction to the less feminist Journal des Dames.

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