Aubéry du Boulley, Prudent-Louis

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Aubéry du Boulley, Prudent-Louis

Aubéry du Boulley, Prudent-Louis, French composer and teacher; b. Verneuil, Eure, Dec. 9, 1796; d. there, Jan. 28, 1869. He studied at the Paris Cons, with Momigy, Méhul, and Cherubini, and then was active as a teacher in Verneuil. He wrote many military band pieces and much chamber music, some of the latter utilizing guitar. He publ. a guitar method and the textbook Grammaire musicale (Paris, 1830).


J. de L’Avre, A. d. B. (Paris, 1896).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire