Aubigné, Théodore Agrippa d'

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Théodore Agrippa d' Aubigné (tāōdôr´ əgrĬp´ə´ dōbĬnŏyā´), 1552–1630, French poet and Huguenot soldier. A devoted follower of Henry of Navarre (Henry IV) from 1568, he was later associated with Henri de Rohan in an abortive plot and fled France to live in Geneva (1620). His Histoire universelle (1616–18) is an account of the French religious wars from 1553 to 1602. D'Aubigné's reputation rests on Les Tragiques (1616), an epic poem using apocalyptic allegory to condemn the wars. Rediscovered and celebrated by the Romantics because of its somber imagery, Les Tragiques is now recognized as one of the French Baroque masterpieces.

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