Aub, Joseph

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AUB, JOSEPH (1805–1880), German moderate Reform rabbi. Aub was rabbi in Bayreuth from 1830 to 1850, in Mainz, and in Berlin from 1865. He was among the first rabbis in Bavaria to preach in German. Aub published a polemical tract on the Bavarian edict regarding rabbinical qualifications (Betrachtungen und Widerlegungen, 2 vols., 1839), a weekly periodical Sinai (1846), a prayer book (1866), and a religious educational textbook Biblisches Spruchbuch (1868); he collaborated in the writing of periodicals published by A. *Geiger. He participated in the rabbinical synods of 1869 and 1871. hirsch aub, Joseph's cousin (1796–1876), was rabbi of Munich from 1827 to 1876. Aub acted as mediator, keeping peace between the Reform and Orthodox wings. He was largely responsible for the abolition of the restrictions on the number of Jewish marriages in Bavaria by the Matrikelgesetz.


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