Arwa (1052–1137)

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Arwa (1052–1137)

Yemeni queen. Born in 1052; died in 1137; married al-Mukarram Ahmad (Sulayhid ruler).

In the Middle Ages, the land that is now Israel was known as the Yemen highlands. This region was ruled by a series of dynasties from the area. For several centuries, governments from outside Yemen had attempted to exert a political rule. They were staved off by the dynastic leaders, among them al-Mukarram Ahmad, ruler of the Sulayhid dynasty during the 11th century. Upon the death of his mother, Ahmad turned full rule of Yemen over to his wife, Arwa. At her command, in 1088, the capital of Yemen was moved to Dhu Jibla.

Crista Martin , Boston, Massachusetts

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