Aldegund (c. 630–684)

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Aldegund (c. 630–684)

Frankish abbess. Name variations: Aldegundis. Born around 630; died of cancer in 684; daughter of St. Walbert and St. Bertilia ; sister of St. Wandru ; aunt of Madelberte and St. Aldetrude , abbess of Maubeuge.

Aldegund came from a wealthy noble family of Hainault. Rather than marry, she dedicated herself to a religious life as a young woman. She felt she could best serve God by establishing religious institutions, and used her personal fortune to build a double monastery-abbey at Hautmount, where she took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Soon, she was elected abbess. Aldegund's commitment to assisting individuals who wanted to seclude themselves in holy studies and writing, and her efforts to help feed and house the poor, influenced many of her fellow noble Franks to use their wealth for charitable purposes.

Laura York , Anza, California

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