Aldama y González, Ignacio de (?–1811)

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Aldama y González, Ignacio de (?–1811)

Ignacio de Aldama y González (d. 19 June 1811), Mexican insurgent leader. A lawyer who engaged in commerce, Aldama became magistrate of his native San Miguel el Grande. His brother Juan had joined Miguel Hidalgo, who launched an armed rebellion against the colonial regime on 16 September 1810. When Hidalgo reached San Miguel at the end of that month, Aldama signed an accord recognizing the authority of the insurgent leader. He subsequently joined the insurgent forces, eventually attaining the rank of field marshal. In February 1811, when Hidalgo and other insurgent leaders decided to retreat to the United States in search of aid, Aldama was sent, in the company of Friar Juan Salazar, as ambassador to Washington. Both men were captured in San Antonio Béjar, along with 100 bars of silver. Taken to Monclova, Aldama was tried and condemned to death. After submitting a disavowal of his actions, he was shot.

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Aldama y González, Ignacio de (?–1811)

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