Aldemar, St.

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Benedictine abbot; b. Capua, Italy, c. 950; d. in village of San Martino near Bucchianico, Italy. As a youth he became a monk at Monte Cassino and was ordained deacon. Aloara of Capua (d. 992), widow of Pandolf of Benevento (d. 981), put him in charge of the Capuan monastery of San Lorenzo, which she had founded in 982. Later he moved to Boiano, where he was ordained a priest. Persecutions drove him first to San Liberatore and then to Farafiliorumpetri, where he built the monastery of Santa Eufemia and he founded other monasteries in the region of Chieti and in Piceno. After his death his body was translated to Bucchianico, where it rests today, and he is venerated locally as a patron saint.

Feast: March 24.

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