Mander, Jane (1877–1949)

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Mander, Jane (1877–1949)

New Zealand teacher, journalist, and novelist. Name variations: Manda Lloyd; Mary Jane Mander. Born Mary Jane Mander, April 9, 1877, at Ramararma, New Zealand; died Dec 20, 1949, at Whangarei, New Zealand; dau. of Francis Mander (farmer) and Janet (Kerr) Mander.

Taught at Devonport, Otahuhu, and Newton West primary schools (1890s); edited and reported for Northern Advocate until 1906; wrote for Sydney Maoriland Worker under pseudonym Manda Lloyd (1907 and 1910); traveled to England and America, where she contributed to New Republic, and worked for American Red Cross during WWI; published novels that addressed social issues: The Story of a New Zealand River (1920), The Passionate Puritan (1922), The Strange Attraction (1923), Allen Adair (1925), The Besieging City (1926) and Pins and Pinnacles (1928); also contributed to Christchurch Sun and Auckland Sun; was a founding member of PEN New Zealand Center and executive member of New Zealand Women Writers' and Artists' Society.

See also Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (Vol. 4).

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