Mandicč, Leopold Bogdan, St.

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Baptized Bogdan (Adeodato in Italian); also known as Leopold da Castelnovo (Castronovo); Capuchin priest;b. May 12, 1866, Castelnuovo of Càttaro (Herceg Novi, Kotor Bay in Croatian), southern Dalmatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina; d. July 30, 1942, Padua, Venetia, Italy. Bogdan was the 11th of 12 children in a noble but poor family headed by Peter Mandič, who owned a fishing fleet, and Carlotta Zarevič, daughter of Countess Elena Bujovič. Bogdan began his seminary studies at Udine, Venetia, Italy Nov. 16, 1882, with the desire to work for the unification of Orthodox and Catholic Christians in foreign lands, but his Capuchin superiors knew that his frail health could not withstand the hardships. He received the habit and took the name Leopold at Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza in 1884. After pronouncing his vows in 1885, Leopold studied for the priesthood at Padua, where he made his solemn profession in 1888, and Venice, where he was ordained in 1890. Following assignments in various friaries, in 1906 he was transferred to Padua, where he remained for the rest of his life, except for one year's incarceration during World War I because he would not renounce his Croat nationality. In Padua, he was known for his cheerfulness, modesty, care for the sick, and his patient compassion in the confessional, where he heard confessions extended hours every day, and his penances and prayer "for the full reunification of the separated Oriental and Latin Churches" (canonization homily). Leopold was beatified by Pope Paul VI May 2, 1976, and canonized by Pope John Paul II Oct. 16, 1983.

Feast: May 12 (Capuchins).

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