Mamlok, Ursula (1928–)

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Mamlok, Ursula (1928–)

German-born American composer. Born in Berlin, Germany, Feb 1, 1928; only child of Dorothy Lewis and John Lewis; m. Dwight Mamlok, 1949.

Escaped from Nazi Germany to Ecuador (1939); based on her compositions, received a full scholarship at Mannes School of Music where she studied with George Szell; studied with Roger Sessions for a year; received scholarship to study at Manhattan School of Music; premiered Variations for Solo Flute at Carnegie Hall (1961); gained considerable attention with her String Quartet (1962); composed Sonar Trajectory (1966), an electronic composition which was not performed until 1984; continued her work with the help of many commissions as well as grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the CUNY Faculty Research Foundation, and a Martha Baird Rockefeller Recording Grant.

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