Mammone, Robert

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Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Addresses: Agent—George Freeman, William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Career: Actor. Appeared in Australian commercials.


Film Appearances:

Sam, The Crossing, Beyond Productions, 1990.

Carlos Blanka, Street Fighter (also known as Street Fighter: The Battle for Shadaloo, Street Fighter: The Movie, and Street Fighter: The Ultimate Battle), MCA/Universal, 1994.

Ben King/Carlo, Offspring (also known as Deadly Secrets), Roadshow Entertainment Video, 1996.

Mahood, Heaven's Burning, Motion International, 1997.

Su–Ming, Wanted, Flashstar, 1997.

Paulie, Spank, Palace Films/Australian Film Finance Corporation, 1999.

Brian Maki, Vertical Limit, Columbia, 2000.

Wilga Roberts, The Pact, Three Spears, 2002.

A. K., The Matrix Reloaded, Warner Bros., 2003, IMAX version released as The Matrix Reloaded: The IMAX Experience.

A. K., The Matrix Revolutions, Warner Bros., 2003, IMAX version released as The Matrix Revolutions: The IMAX Experience.

Peter Walker, The Policy, Anne Robinson Productions, 2003.

Mike Ploug, Man–Thing, Artisan Entertainment, 2004.

Dr. Fisher, The Great Raid, Miramax, 2005.

Television Appearances; Series:

Tim Palmer, Sons and Daughters, 7 Network (Australia), beginning 1985.

Detective Agi Falseas, a recurring role, Water Rats, 9 Network (Australia), beginning 2001.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Coe Forsayth at the age of twenty, Emma: Queen of the South Seas, syndicated, 1988.

Joe Bianchi, All the Way, 9 Network (Australia), 1988.

Cesare, Bordertown, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1995.

Ensign Raines, The Beast (also known as Peter Benchley's The Beast), NBC, 1996.

Dr. James Cody, Salem's Lot (also known as Stephen King's Salem's Lot), TNT, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Aldo, The Hijacking of the Achille Lauro, NBC, 1989.

First pilot, The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children?, NBC, 1993.

Fiorelli, Cody: Bad Love, 7 Network (Australia), 1994.

Fiorelli, Cody: A Family Affair, 7 Network, 1994.

Fiorelli, Cody: The Tipoff, 7 Network, 1994.

Michael Novado, Official Denial, Sci–Fi Channel, 1994.

Fiorelli, Cody: The Burnout, 7 Network, 1995.

Fiorelli, Cody: Fall from Grace, 7 Network, 1996.

Terry Gittoes, The Territorians, 1996.

McLeod's Daughters, 1996.

Dr. Adrian Cohen, Never Tell Me Never, Lifetime, 1998.

Fiorelli, Cody: The Wrong Stuff, 7 Network, 1998.

Todd Fehlers, Small Claims, Network 10 (Australia), 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Bill, "Rehearsal for Romance," Hey Dude, Nickelodeon, 1989.

Truck driver, "Stakeout," Police Rescue, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1992.

Zack Elliott, "Darien Comes Home," Time Trax, syndicated, 1993.

Steve, "Cold Revenge," Twisted Tales (also known as Twisted), 9 Network (Australia), 1996.

Cosimo Mazzini, "Dog People," Good Guys, Bad Guys, 9 Network, 1998.

"Splashdown," Flipper (also known as The New Adventures of Flipper), PAX TV, 1998.

Dino Rossi, "Lone Hand," Stingers, 9 Network, 1999.

Bernie O'Halloran, "Broken Promises: Parts 1 & 2," Blue Heelers, 7 Network (Australia), 2001.

Arnath, "Double Edged," BeastMaster, [Canada] and syndicated, 2002.

Professor Campbell, "Suspicion," The Lost World, syndicated, 2002.

Appeared in episodes of The Flying Doctors (also known as Die fliegenden Aerzte), 9 Network; G. P., Australian Broadcasting Corporation; and Rafferty's Rules, 7 Network.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Philip Kindred, Future Tense, NBC, 2003.


Video Games:

Voice of A. K., Enter the Matrix, Atari/Infogrames Entertainment, 2003.



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