Fountaine, Margaret (1862–1940)

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Fountaine, Margaret (1862–1940)

English entomologist. Born Margaret Elizabeth Fountaine, May 16, 1862, in Norfolk, England; died April 21, 1940; dau. of a rector (died 1878); m. Khalil Neimy (interpreter and guide in Damascus).

Independent collector known for her butterfly collections, discovered love of collecting while on vacation in Switzerland (1891); traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Algeria, Middle East, Costa Rica, South Africa, Africa, and Greece; hired future husband as personal guide and interpreter in Damascus; during WWII, after her ship to Trinidad was attacked by a submarine (1939), became ill and died soon after; butterfly specimens totaling over 22,000 were donated to Castle Museum in Norwich and sketchbook and paintings went to the British Museum. Writings include articles in Entomologist and extracts from 12 diaries in 2 books titled Love among the Butterflies: The Travels and Adventures of a Victorian Lady (1980) and Butterflies and Late Loves: The Further Travels and Adventures of a Victorian Lady (1986).

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