Fountain Spirits

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Fountain Spirits

According to German mystic Jakob Boehme (1575-1624) there were in nature seven active principles, the "Fountain Spirits" or "Mothers of Existence": the astringent quality, the sweet quality, the bitter quality, the quality of fire, the quality of love, the quality of sound, and the quality of essential sub-stance. The reciprocal action of these antipathetic qualities resulted in supreme unity. Each was at once the parent and the child of all the rest, being generated and generating one another. They were typified by the seven golden candlesticks of Rev. 1:20.

Boehme's mystical visions are detailed in his books, notably Aurora, first published in 1612, translations of which have been reissued.


Boehme, Jacob. The Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme. New York: McCoy Publishing, 1929.

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Fountain Spirits

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