Four Days

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Four Days ★★½ 1999 (R)

Fourteen-year-old Simon (Zegers) is devoted to his small-time crook dad Milt (Forsythe) who's just double-crossed his partner, Fury (Meany), in a bank robbery after arranging for Simon to get the money and meet him in a pre-selected location. But unbeknowst to Simon, Milt has been killed and Fury is on his trail—at least Simon has gotten a lift from over-sexed Crystal (Davidovitch), so things may not be so bad. Based on the novel by John Buell. 88m/C VHS . CA Kevin Zegers, Lolita (David) Davidovich, Colm Meaney, William Forsythe, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Patrick Goyette; D: Curtis Wehrfritz; W: Pickney Benedict; C: Miroslaw Baszak; M: Tom Third.