Eurydice (fl. 321 BCE)

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Eurydice (fl. 321 bce)

Macedonian aristocrat and 3rd wife of Ptolemy IV. Name variations: Eurydice I. Fl. c. 321 bce; dau. of Antipater (Macedonian aristocrat who died in 319 bce); sister of Phila and Nicaea; m. Ptolemy I Soter, king of Egypt, c. 321 bce; children: several, including Ptolemy Ceraunus (or Keraunos, d. 279 bce); daughter Ptolemais (c. 315–?); daughter Lysandra.

The 1st wife of Ptolemy I Soter, was replaced by Berenice I (c. 345–c. 275 bce), then driven out of Egypt by the year 290 bce.

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